our ministries



The governing body of our church, the council consists of elected members of the congregation. We oversee all aspects of the operation of the church including the budget. Each member of the council also serves as a liaison to one of the teams.  


Educational opportunities include Sunday school, BLAST, vacation Bible school, adult bible study, and confirmation. Our goals are to recruit students and teachers, find music leaders for special programs and expand all classes and activities. 


Check out the Calendar for upcoming dates for Evening Bible Study Sessions, topics, and Pub Theology events!


Our organization involves a group of about 8-10 ladies of the congregation who meet every Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. at the church. They have been faithfully meeting for over thirty years. Our goal is to meet the needs of our congregation, our community and our world by providing warm quilts to families. The quilts come in all sizes: twin, full, queen and baby quilts.


Our ministry involves all aspects of the interior and exterior physical properties of the church. This includes all maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, long range projects (new roof, etc.) and small projects (clean carpet, etc.). We host a spring and fall work day every year. We also have developed a prayer walk on our property. Several families have adopted different sites along the walk to plant shrubs and flowers. This is an ongoing ministry. 


Our team looks for projects that will encourage All Saints members to share their faith through various projects. Our goals are to support, enhance and care for the welfare of our community and the world.  Some of projects include: Prayer Shawl Ministry, Greeting Card Program, Back to School Project, Servant Cross, "Forgotten Man Ministries" and many others.  


 The ministry of the Worship and Music team includes all aspects of the worship service. Opportunities are available for assisting with the worship; from ushering to reading to assisting with communion.  Music is very important for our worship and our choir plays an important role in this ministry. Our team coordinates all aspects of the service including hymn selection and preparing for seasonal and special services.